About Svanholm Cricket Club

Svanholm is the most successful cricket club in Danish cricket- history with most teams, most wins and best facilities. To date the club has won 28 danish mens championships. Svanholm has also won numerous youth championships - most junior championships. Finally the club won the ladies outdoor gold in 1987, but nowadays ladies cricket is not played in Denmark.

To date Svanholm has won 69 danish championships – youth and mens and ladies.

Svanholm normally feeds the national team with most players. Svanholm have also created four out of five English professional cricket players namely Ole 'Stan' Mortensen (played for Derbyshire), Soren Henriksen (Lancashire), Soren Vestergaard (Warwickshire) and Thomas Hansen (Hampshire).

Svanholm can only be described as a serious club, intended on producing its own youth and aims for high class training. Therefore the club has invested in a foreign Australian coach the last four years.

The origin of the club goes back to late 1940´s. The start was at the old Bavnehøj ground not far from the Copenhagen city-center, with a sweaty old military barrack as clubhouse. Around 15 years later the club had to leave the ground. The authorities wanted to build a swim. The club found a little ground at Brøndbyøster called the stamp because of the small size with a shed on wheels as a clubhouse originally made for the trams in Copenhagen.

Later the club moved to better facilities at Brøndby Stadion and since 2001 the club has played and used a purposebuilt ground and pavilion near Brøndby Strand some 12 kilometers from the Copenhagen city-center. Close to the “S-station (“underground”) called Brøndby Strand Station.

The facility called Svanholm Park is used by the national teams and has a modern cricket pavilion. It is maybe the finest facility in Europe outside England for cricket alone.

The clubs runs three mens teams, one old boy team, one under 18, one under 15, two under 13, two under 11 and one under 9.

In the winter there is indoor facilities at Svanholm Park and in the nearby Schneekloth-Hal.
From January an indoor tournament amongst the Copenhagen teams is played.The highest profiled game, the club ever hosted, was in 1989. The full Australian testside played Denmark.

Outdoorseason runs from mid April to Mid December, but apart form a few months in the autumn cricket is played and practiced all the year.

Most of the players are Danish citizens, but we also entertain players of other nationalities.